We are a team of ecommerce fanatics that have skills in SEO optimization, conversions, design and more.


Everything from beauty and clothing to tech and pet products. We know why so many stores are failing and how to fix it. 

99% of the stores we review have improper SEO. Good SEO will attract the right people (your target audience), it will rank you in search results and provide you free (organic) traffic.

Did you know your store design can cost you conversions? When your website looks untrustworthy, when products are disorganized or when visitors cannot find their way around, it will cost you sales. 

Product choice can make or break your store. A good product choice should be in high demand (problem fixing products), not widely available through retail stores or online and currently trending/popular.

It’s a common misconception to label high amounts of traffic as success.  When you get traffic and no sales, it either means you are getting the wrong kind of traffic or there is something going on within your store.




“@EcomGeeks I just want to give you a HUGE thank you!  ..numbers are flowing finally!  Also, I just got a sale for 3 pieces from someone.”


The Ecom Geeks team Supplied the advice To help me develop my e-commerce knowledge & experience. The Advice on store format and even expectations for the store were invaluable to my growth as a entrepreneur. Thank you!! I look forward to my next sessions.


I asked the SHOPIFY community for a review of my website and the first to offer advice was Ecom Geeks. Their initial FREE evaluation was so ‘spot-on’ and insightful, AND DID I MENTION FREE, that I immediately booked a 1 hour session for a more thorough analysis. I was fortunate enough to work Geoff, he was patient and smart and helpful, and gave me incredible tips – stuff I never heard of, or would have considered on my own had it not been for his eye-opening tutorial! My site is already much improved and looks 100X more professional. And as soon as I complete all the tasks assigned, I’m booking another session to work on my SEO! Highly recommend!!